Save the Date

Save the Date This digital illustration was inspired by a photo. It was created for a "Save the Date" mailer for a fall themed wedding.

Brake Illustrations

Brake Illustrations These illustrations are of two types of air brake systems used on tractor trailers. The first illustration is the front view of a disc brake caliper, pads and a rotor. The second illustration is a cutaway view of a drum brake that revealed the components used to expand the shoes and press against [...]

Revelation 21:4

Revelation 21:4 This artwork was inspired by one of my daughter's favorite Bible verses. It was first drawn with pencils and then converted it to this digital version.

Self Portrait

Stained Glass Self Portrait As part of creating an identity for my business, I wanted to design an icon for one of my business cards to represent my art glass capabilities. Eventually, this illustration will be used to create a stained glass panel.

Saxton-McKinley House

Saxton-McKinley House This is an illustration of the Saxton-McKinley house in Canton, Ohio. It is now the National First Ladies' Library. The house was originally the family home of Ida Saxton, the wife of President McKinley. Using photographs, I was able to determine the scale and proportion of the architectural elements to create an illustration [...]

Product Sheets

Product Sell Sheets This project involved a combination of art direction, photography and digital illustrations to create a cohesive marketing brand for the custom applications built by Glass Slate Digital.