Etched Mirror Panel

Etched Mirror Panel This art glass panel utilized two types of mirrored glass. While the center panel consist of a traditional silver mirror, the accent border is made of an antiqued blue mirror. Because this panel is designed to be mounted directly on a wall with no supporting structure, 1/4" zinc came was used in [...]

Crest Glass Panel

Crest Glass Panel This leaded art glass panel is a work in progress. The concept for this project is to alter the original 24" x 30" leaded window and repurpose it into a new contemporary panel that can be displayed in any modern home or business. The new design will divide the window into three [...]

A Dolphin’s Tale

A Dolphins Tale This artwork was created as a gift for my wife using pastel sticks as the primary medium.

The Green Bottle

The Green Bottle This artwork was created for myself as a personal color study using oil sticks as the primary medium.