Tailored Living

Tailored Living The owner of a Tailored Living and Premier Garage franchise wanted to design a cross promotion between the two brands. While Tailored Living and Premier Garage provided marketing and literature templates for their franchisees, my client wanted to make their promotional rack cards stand out from the corporate branded materials. By changing the [...]

Self Portrait

Stained Glass Self Portrait As part of creating an identity for my business, I wanted to design an icon for one of my business cards to represent my art glass capabilities. Eventually, this illustration will be used to create a stained glass panel.


uLODmedia Branding Glass Slate Digital needed an icon and logo for their uLODmedia app. The concept behind the design was a play off of the idea “you load” (uLOD) your media content to a cloud server and then distribute your content to any number of mobile devices. A product sell sheet was also designed to [...]

Water & Wells

Water and Wells When asked to design a logo and business card for a non-profit, their two requirements were to incorporate a globe and water into the design. Once the design of the logo was finalized, it was incorporated into a two-sided business card.

Smartify, LLC.

Medical Terminology App Smartify needed a brand identity in addition to other supporting materials as they moved forward with developing their Medicross crossword app. A logo was created in conjunction with the crossword apps' user interface (UI). To support their marketing plan for the app, postcards and posters were designed to create a cohesive brand [...]

Product Sheets

Product Sell Sheets This project involved a combination of art direction, photography and digital illustrations to create a cohesive marketing brand for the custom applications built by Glass Slate Digital.